Custom-Made Colour Options

Our furniture can be designed according to individual specifications and preferences!

We can change the type of timber, colour, ironware, and dimensions of the product to create your desired piece of furniture and satisfy your wants and needs. Please note, when requesting other dimensions, we have certain size limitations.

You can always REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION if you need professional advice or if you would prefer a fully bespoke project to meet your exact specifications.

If the product has a single colour finish, you can update it to a multicolour finish to obtain an even more attractive look!

Moreover, when the product has a pine top plate, you can change it to an oak top plate with different finishes and colours.

If you request the product in a different colour, finish, or dimensions, please complete the custom-made request form found on the page of each product and, we will contact you by telephone or email to discuss your requests!

The products where the custom-made request button is not available is because these products are unique and not suitable for customisation.



Double Layered


Pine Deep Brushed

Pine Lacquer



Oak Lacquer


Oak Deep Brushed (for Top Plate only)

Finishes Details

The Paint finish is a popular choice for modern furniture; hence the vast colour options and the attractive look it confers to the furniture. Painted furniture brings fresh air and an enthusiastic feeling to your home. Our furniture is painted under the latest technology, where the surface is painted twice, giving it a glossy, smooth finish, with a discreet wood essence visible under this finish. Our paint is ecological water-based, an environmentally friendly alternative to oil-based paint.

The Paint finish can be applied to children’s room furniture too. Hence it is high quality, certified and non-toxic.

The Paint finish is suitable for pinewood only.

We have a wide range of 38 shades, from pastel through neutral, elegant to the most energising and vibrant ones. Our colour palette is built to meet any colour culture needs and best suit your taste and needs.

The Paint Antique finish complements the furniture with a beautifully vintage effect and a distressed look that is very pleasant within a classic or traditional interior decor. Any colour from our “Paint” category can be finished in a distressed look, becoming a Paint Antique shade.

The antique process involves painting the furniture in the desired colour, followed by a particular procedure that is hand performed. The edges of the elements are easily “touched” and polished until the natural colour of the wood appears very subtle.

This handmade procedure is performed exclusively by our artisans who specialise in this procedure, so there are never identical pieces of furniture, each having a unique antique look.

The Paint Antique is suitable for pinewood only.

The Double Layer finish is a beautiful finish that strongly emphasises the vintage, antique look, making the furniture superbly complement a classic or traditional interior setting.

This finish is similar to the Paint Antique, which gives the furniture a vintage effect and a distressed look, but it is a much more complex procedure.

To obtain a Double Layered finish, you can choose two different colours from the Paint category.

The procedure starts with the whole surface being painted with the first chosen colour, then a wax finish is applied on the edges. Following this procedure, the second selected colour is applied to the entire surface of the furniture.

The Double Layered finish is evident on the edges where the wax finish was applied; hence, the second colour will not stick, so a double colour on the same surface confers an antiquated solid look to the furniture.

The dominant and most observable colour will be the second colour, with the first colour being visible only on the edges.

To best harmonise and complete the look of your interior design, you can choose for the rhyme layer the colour of your interior decor and the second layer your desired colour.

The Double Layered finish is suitable for pinewood only.

The Brushed finish is an ideal option if you wish to add depth and a textured finish to your furniture.

The Brushed finish is an exclusively manual procedure of seven steps. The wood surface is lightly brushed, resulting in a fine and pleasant character.

The brushed finish highly emphasises the texture of the wood, conferring a vintage look to the furniture.

The furniture is protected with this type of finish because it is varnished, while the wood fibre is accentuated through staining and a unique patina.

We have available two vintage shades for the Brushed finish.

The brushed finish is suitable for pinewood only.

The Deep Brushed finish is an excellent choice if you wish to add elegance to your home and obtain a truly superb piece of furniture.

This finish involves the application of a mechanical procedure made by modern mechanized technology, where the surface of the wood is hardly brushed, with the soft parts of the annual growth rings being removed.

Following, the wood will be treated with stain, patina and finally varnish or oil depending on the chosen colour.

With an applied Deep Brushed finish, the feeling of solid timber is even more accentuated, with the surface being tougher to touch but also more resistant to small impacts.

The Deep Brushed finish is probably the most exclusive, special one, based on the production procedure and the superb final result. The outcome look of the furniture is an unmatchable one that will be unique to your home.

The Deep Brushed finish is suitable for complete pine wood furniture and oak top plate only.

For complete pine wood furniture, we have available 14 shades of Deep Brushed finish.

For the oak top plate, we have available 5 shades of Deep Brushed finish.

The Lacquer finish is a popular, modern choice for high-end furniture. It is impervious to water, maintaining its transparency as it ages.

The lacquer finish is hard-wearing and highly durable. This finish protects the furniture against scratches, spillages, and scuffs, as well as everyday wear and tear.

The lacquer finish is a perfect option because it doesn’t yellow in the years to come and requires little maintenance.

This type of finish will confer the wood an extremely intense gloss finish that will grant an attractive, ultramodern look to the furniture.

If you desire pine wood furniture, we have a dark, deep lacquer colour available.

For oak wood furniture, we have available five different lacquer colours, where you can choose between lighter or darker lacquer finishes.

The Stained finish is an excellent choice for changing or enhancing the natural colour of the wood.

This type of finish deeply penetrates the wood, highlighting the grain, intensifying the existing tone, or altering the wood colour.

The Stained finish highly protects the wood from damage. This procedure is applied to the wood during the finishing process.

The Stained finish is suitable for pine wood furniture only.

We have available two shades of Stained finish.

The Wax finish is a classic type of finish that has been used for centuries to enrich wooden furniture.

The Wax is the warmest finish obtained with premium wax; it offers essential wood protection against stains, restoring the natural wood appearance. It produces a satin sheen, conferring the furniture a silky feel.

This finish is strongly compatible with the dark brown shades that were fashionable in the past, and applied to the furniture will bring back the memories of the old days.

The wax finish is suitable for pinewood and oak wood and is available in 3 shades.

Oil finish is a historical finish for wood that makes the timber weather and moisture resistant.

The Oil finishes intensely seeps down into the wood, making the furniture look richer and sheerer.

Benefits of this type of finish include that it dries more rigid, giving better protection and appearance to the timber than most of the other available wood finishes.

The Oil finish is suitable for oak wood only, and we have available four superb shades of oil finish from which you can choose.

To obtain an eye-catching piece of furniture, we recommend a Multicolour finish. This finish allows you to customise your furniture in two options.

For the first option, you can choose two different colours for the same product, respectively one colour for the interior part of the furniture and a different colour for the exterior of the furniture.

You can choose any colour of the finishes suitable for the pinewood, selecting between the Paint, Paint Antique, Double Layered, Brushed, Stained, Wax or Deep Brushed category.

For the second option, you can similarly choose two different colours, from the ones suitable for pinewood, with one of the colours applied to the body furniture and a different colour to the doors & drawers of the furniture.

Choosing the Multicolour finish offers the choice to create the most striking and exciting piece of furniture that will ultimately make a bold statement in any interior decor.

The unfinished form is an affordable and economical choice of superior quality with no impurities or colour differences appearing in the years to come.

To obtain the unfinished form, the furniture is polished and unfinished.

This finish is ideal for those who want to resell the furniture or later apply another type of finish. For production, we only select the highest quality of timber, making it easy for you to use your desired finish even on your own. The unfinished is suitable for both pine and oak wood.

The unfinished is an excellent choice for simplicity yet elegance and a practical and functional option that presents the possibility to be customised in another finish at any time.