Your requirements

are fundamental to us

At MG Concept Ltd, we take your requirements very seriously. A first no-obligation, on-site technical consultation is essential to discuss and establish your needs. We are flexible and can adapt, so we can meet you at your premises or wherever else you might want.

Our experience has made it clear that it’s always best to meet in person whilst discussing the design services and project specifications.


“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.” – Charles Eames.

The purpose of our first visit is to establish precisely what products are you interested in or what project you are looking for, discuss the details of the project, create a drawing for the project and understand where these products should be installed.

We require you to contact us by filling out the REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION form or calling us.

Following up, we will discuss your preferences and schedule a suitable date to have the meeting at your preferred location. In addition, we can meet up at your home, office or somewhere where the products will be installed.

You will also receive technical advice to ensure you will benefit the most from its functionalities and stunning looks.

Once we have taken the measurements for the project, we will create a drawing of the project in your presence to make sure that the result will be exactly how you imagined it.

After we have agreed on what should be done and what you desire, we will create a quotation for your project and email it to you. The email will also contain a professional drawing of the project and the estimated timeframe for completing the project, which can take 10-14 weeks.

We understand that purchasing bespoke furniture can be a significant decision that needs ease; therefore, we will do our best to help you with design advice. We will do our best for our collaboration to be as pleasant as possible.


Once you accept the quotation and deliver a part payment, we will create a 3D computer-generated simulation and forward it to you. We can create the 3D computer-generated simulation on Request for a fee before accepting the quotation. In this situation, after we present the simulation, if you are happy and accept our quote and decide to go forward, the fee will be deducted from the project’s final price.

Our team will present you with colour, finish, and material samples to best determine your needs and requirements. We have professional samples for every available colour, finish, and material to ease the choosing process. We also will present you samples of our entire range of cabinet door styles. 

The estimated timeframe of completing the project can take between 10-14 weeks, depending on the complexity of your project and the workload we have at that moment. Please note the date you accept the quotation and deliver the part payment is considered the starting date of the project process. 

We strive to offer free consultation appointments as soon as possible. Still, it can take up to 7 days, depending on the number of appointments we previously booked, but we are very flexible and will try to find a reasonable solution each time.


We aim to be efficient, so we created and implemented various procedures for a hassle-free experience.


We are flexible in changing our designs before production should you wish to.


We like to work with professionals and this reflects in the long-term results.


We like to work with passionate and inspired designers that will bring the best out of your interiors.