Why choose Solid Wood over Engineered Wood?

Choosing the right wooden furniture can be difficult and time charging. From choosing between the different styles, finishes and colours to selecting the most durable and quality material, there is a complex process of finding the furniture that would best fit your taste and last for a lifetime.

Let us start by making it clear that engineered wood is 100% not a format of solid wood. Engineered wood unlikely solid wood is not a natural product; in fact, it was manufactured to look like food but fails when talking about the real natural wood’s quality, durability, and appearance. Engineered wood is made from waste wood from sawmills such as wood fibres sawdust that is chemically treated or under heat process to obtain specific wood that would meet required sizes, hard to find in nature. You probably might have heard of popular engineered wood: plywood, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), laminated board, and chipboard.

Why is Engineered Wood far from the best choice?

As already know, furniture made from engineered wood is a much cheaper choice than solid wood furniture. But let’s look at the bigger picture. It is true that there are many styles, finishes and colours on the broad market under a way much affordable price than the solid wood, but never overcoming the outstanding quality and durability of the natural timber.

Engineered wood furniture does not last as long as solid wood furniture nor maintains outstanding quality, leading you to spend more money as you must replace it frequently.

Another aspect that should highly push you to opt for solid wood is that engineered wood furniture is much easier to damage, and the scratches and water stains on the furniture cannot be repaired. You must be undoubtedly careful if you choose engineered wood in centrally heated homes, as this type of product do not expand and contract as the solid wood does, consequently leading to wood crack and wrap occurring.

Also, think about garden furniture, where engineered wood pieces are a highly NO because they will quickly soak up water on rainy days leading to the disintegration of the furniture.

We understand that lifting and moving around furniture in the house can be difficult on almost all occasions. That would be why you would go for engineered wood furniture, as it is much lighter than solid wood furniture, but you need to set your priorities.

Do you wish to showcase the natural timber’s true beauty and exceptional qualities within your home, or are you enough with a deceptive wood appearance and short-lasting durability?

With solid wood furniture, all these problems would be effortlessly avoided!

Opting for solid wood furniture is worth investing in!

Natural timber lasts for a lifetime under high-end quality, retains its appearance, occurred damages can be easily repaired, and complete garden furniture under good care.

You will effortlessly add the impression of luxury to your home, with the solid woods, stunning sheen and beautiful natural appearance.