Bay Window Shutters

The ideal solution for your box bay, curved bay or angled bay window

No matter the window’s size, angle or shape, MG Concept has the perfect shutters solution for your box bay, curved bay or angled bay window.

We have a wide range of shutter styles that will offer you the perfect solution if you wish to keep the shape of your window. Our bay window shutters will give you the possibility to let more light inside your living space than curtains would let.

The two or more windows that join at an obtuse angle will be fully covered, each section having its shutter. The ideal shutter styles for a bay window are the full height shutters, the tier-on-tier shutters, and the cafe style shutters.

For a box bay window, you can opt for the tier-on-tier style, as you would be able to open the upper side and lower side separately, allowing you to control complete light and privacy.

Full height shutters are also a stylish and practical choice, covering your box bay window from top to bottom. We also offer custom made shutters that will fit your curved bay window. Whether you wish to keep your privacy or give a classic appearance to your living space, our curved bay shutters can be customised to meet your requirements.

Each shutter-style comes with any tilt rods, and you can choose any colour from our extensive range of shades. Please select one of our shutter styles which are easy to operate and protected from discolouration and marking to complete the look of your bay windows!

Colour Swatches:
Available Colours:

Our bespoke products can be painted in any chosen RAL Colour.

Ranges Hybra Wood; Paulownia Wood; Basswood; Ashwood; Waterproof Shutters; Fauxwood
Colour 31 colours: 14 Paints; 4 Limewash; 11 Stains; 2 Fauxwood Paints
Tilt Road Central Front Tilt Rod; Offset Tilt Rod; Clearview Tilt Rod; Hidden Tilt Rod
Louvre Widths 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm
Mount Inside Recess; On The Edge Of The Recess; Outside Recess
Features Magnets