Track Shutters

A functional and practical solution

Our tracked shutters are a functional and practical solution for large windows and patio doors. These shutters can also divide one room from the other one. The shutters style open on two different specially made track, creating a smooth sliding mechanism. They come in full height, and we offer them in two styles, the Bi-folding Track style and the Bypass Track style.

The Bi-folding Track Shutters are folded back neatly and compactly to adjust the light in the room, allowing full access to the outside space or divided space when speaking of patio doors. The panels can move either to the left or to the right of the opening, offering great versatility and practicality.

Bypass Track Shutters have a different opening and closing mechanism. The shutters have sliding doors, so these panels cannot fold. The panel doors will slide to the left or the right of the opening, sliding behind each other. Opting for bypass tracked shutters will give you the option to discover only one window while keeping the privacy through the other ones.

We manufacture the shutters in different lightweight wood or 100% natural hardwood, depending on the two styles. The Bi-folding Track Shutters can be made of Hybra Wood, Paulownia, Ashwood and Waterproof Wood, while the Bypass Track Shutters are made of only Hybrawood and Paulownia Wood.

Tracked Shutters are available in all rod controls, slat sizes and a wide range of paint, including 11 stains and 4 limewash finishes.

Colour Swatches:
Available Colours:

Our bespoke products can be painted in any chosen RAL Colour.

Ranges Hybra Wood; Paulownia Wood; Basswood; Ashwood; Waterproof Shutters; Fauxwood
Colour 31 colours: 14 Paints; 4 Limewash; 11 Stains; 2 Fauxwood Paints
Hinge Option Antique Brass; Black; Brass; Natural White; Off White; Vivid White; Stainless Steel
Tilt Road Central Front Tilt Rod; Offset Tilt Rod; Clearview Tilt Rod; Hidden Tilt Rod
Louvre Widths 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm
Mount Inside Recess; On The Edge Of The Recess; Outside Recess
Features Magnets